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Still Less Than Zero

Por 13 de septiembre de 2010 Sin comentarios

Iván Thays

lo nuevo de bret easton ellis pasó por la trituradora john crace
? Y como adelanto a lo que será la publicación de Suites Imperiales de Bret Easton Ellis, les dejo algunos fragmentos de la crítica satírica de John Crace, en Digested Read, de hace algunas semanas.

The movie was based on a book written by someone we knew. It was labelled fiction but most of it ? the snuff movie, the gang rape ? was true. The only bits that hurt were those that chronicled my relationship with Blair as the writer was in love with her himself, though too immersed in the passivity of writing and too pleased with his own style to bother with many commas to admit it so he wrote me into the story as the man who was too frightened to love. Make of that what you will though the real message I want you to take is that I?m a smartass seller of banal meta-fictions.
I went to the premiere in 1987 with Blair, Rip, Julian and all the other empty narcissists who had somehow dazzled the literary establishment. The movie had been a pile of shit. Bret had hated the movie too and what follows is I guess his revenge. Shame he involved you in it because the real Julian didn?t die in the movie he died on the page more than 20 years later.
The jeep had been following us back from LAX to my apartment in Doheny Plaza. It?s meant to be haunted by a boy who killed himself but you can probably do without that kind of banal symbolism. We?re in LA everyone is shallow and on the make. Wow what insight. I nearly do some coke drink a lot of vodka take Ambien put on the Eurythmics and answer my iPhone. Julian wants to meet.
We start drinking gallons of vodka and I bully her into having constant sex and she wants to know when she?s going to get the part. I look moody and hit her. Messages appear on my iPhone. I?m watching you. Certainly no one?s reading me. I get another call on my iPhone. Kelly Montrose has been tortured and killed. I yawn. I?d seen it on the YouTube app of my iPhone.
Someone is still following me as I have more meaningless sex. Rain says she?s got to go to San Diego to see her mom. I don?t believe her so I rape her but she goes anyway. Rip calls. Or is it Blair I?ve lost track. Rain is still going out with Julian and Julian runs a vice-network and Rain is one of his girls and she also used to go out with Kelly and Rip. Rip tells me to stay away from her but I?ve fallen in love in four days even though I?ve shown no sign of it.
So what else can I tell you? I could say that I drove Julian to be killed by Rip who had killed Kelly that Amanda lived with Rain that Rain didn?t get the part that I sodomised a boy and a girl and that it was Blair who had been following me and gave me an alibi. But I guess you don?t really care any more and frankly I don?t blame you. If I don?t give a shit about anything why should you?
?Don?t worry about anything,? Blair says. ?I won?t,? says Bret. ?I?ve come to realise I don?t like anyone. Especially my readers.?
Digested read, digested: Still Less Than Zero.

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Iván Thays

Iván Thays es escritor peruano (Lima, 1968) autor de las novelas "El viaje interior" y "La disciplina de la vanidad". Premio Principe Claus 2000. Dirigió el programa literario de TV Vano Oficio por 7 años. Ha sido elegido como uno de los esccritores latinoamericanos más importantes menores de 39 años por el Hay Festival, organizador del Bogotá39. Finalista del Premio Herralde del 2008 con la novela "Un lugar llamado Oreja de perro".

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